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ACE elects Board of Directors

August 8, 2016) – During its 29th annual meeting, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) re-elected four board members and elected three new representatives to the group’s Board of Directors.

Four current board members were re-elected to serve three year terms.

  • Owen Jones, representing Full Circle Ag Cooperative
  • Duane Kristensen, representing Chief Ethanol Fuels
  • Dave Sovereign, representing Golden Grain Energy
  • Dale Tolifson, representing Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Three individuals were nominated and elected as new directors to serve three year terms: 

  • Scott McPheeters, representing KAAPA Ethanol, LLC
  • Rick Schwarck, representing Absolute Energy
  • Chris Studer, representing East River Electric Cooperative

Studer is replacing Scott Parsley who retired from East River Electric Cooperative in 2015.

Click this link to see the full roster of the ACE Board of Directors.

“The ACE board of directors is a focused group of active volunteers who highlight the grassroots diversity of our entire membership,” said Brian Jennings, ACE Executive Vice President. “Our member interests are clearly represented by the passion, expertise, and experience the ACE board brings to the table and we are grateful for their support and leadership.”  

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