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RFS Field Hearing Testimony from Jerry Calease

Testimony from Golden Grain Energy's Jerry Calease during the RFS Field Hearing.

Testimony to EPA Hearing Kansas City June 9,2016

   Dear Members of the EPA Hearing committee; Last year I testified before you as a farmer/shareholder of our ethanol industry. Today I come before you to testify from the perspective of a 13+ year member of the board of Directors of Golden Grain Energy LLC, Mason City, Iowa.

   Golden Grain Energy has grown from 40 million gallons per year of production to est.125 Million gallons per year today since 2003. We have experienced the cyclical nature of the commodities business and do our best to evaluate opportunities from a risk/reward analysis.

Unfortunately the EPA’s management of the RVO’s and the timing of releasing pertinent information has created an aura of distrust within our board room as well as the ethanol industry over the past several years.

  The board of GGE has a fiduciary responsibility to our 700+ shareholders to use good judgement in managing the affairs and finances of the company. The EPA’s decisions not to follow the Congressional intent of the RFS2 in a timely manner makes it more difficult for our board to have confidence in the marketing of our products. Our strategic planning sessions and the board have shown we are poised and ready to grow the company if given more certainty of market access being there for our products.

   The USDA (BIP) program along with the “Prime The Pump “initiative will help in providing our consumers more fuel choices and savings every time they fuel-up. If our country is to continue to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and achieve the goals of the 25x25 organization we must grow the industry with higher RVO levels. Does the EPA want to support our business with transportation dollars here in the USA or send that money overseas to foreign countries? I believe it is better to grow our renewable fuels economy here at home and have those dollars turn over several times within our communities.

  Thank-you for listening to my concerns and if I can ever be of assistance please contact me:

Jerry A. Calease

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