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RFS Field Hearing Testimony from Rob Hebron from Fremont Industries

Full testimony as it was given from Rob Hebron during the RFS Field Hearing on June 25, 2015.

EPA Testimony, Kansas City, MO

Rob Herbon

Executive Brand Manager/Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency was formed in 1970 by Richard Nixon for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

Fremont Industries is a 61 year old company located in Shakopee, MN. We work to protect the environment by treating Water. Our goal is to help all types of customers reuse and clean up their water. We have successfully helped a number of Ethanol Producers reduce their water use well below 3 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol produced.  This is in stark contrast to the 1100 gallons of water that former CNBC Fast Money Host Dylan Ratigan ranted about a few years ago, “and that’s the Truth”. So much mis-information has been planted by those opposing the use of ethanol.

Real Job creation – Jobs that pay well- in areas of the country that had been left for dead (i.e Small Town America – Fly Over Land to those of you from either Coast),  continues to be remarkable. Fremont Industries has added 16-18 jobs because of this Industry.  

The Renewable Fuels Standard, implemented by Congress, has been a great success. Unfortunately, You, the EPA, has chosen to try and weaken this contract with America. I quite frankly do not understand your methodology?  Maybe you listen too much to the former Tonight Show Host, Jay Leno, for your information.  As He has complained of Ethanol causing potential issues with His Antique Automobiles. If one of Jay’s vehicles does not run right on an ethanol blend, Do we open up the RFS or should He just get His Carburator cleaned.

In all seriousness, His issue tends to be with the lack of choice in California. This is due to the Air Quality Issues throughout the State. Ethanol has been blended in to all of California’s gasoline and they have seen an improved Air Quality because of this. The RFS does not dictate that California cannot use straight Premium Gasoline for Antique Autos.

If you weaken the RFS, you will kill investment in second generation (Advanced) Biofuels as they will not have access to capital. The hope for additional Biodiesel and Cellulosic production facilities that utilize wood chips, corn stover, garbage, switch grass, Animal Fats and the like will not become a reality without the RFS.

Homeland Security is what Home Grown Ethanol is all about. Cutting back on  foreign oil and keeping those dollars here in the US is another value that Biofuels’ bring to the table along with Not having to fight a war over access to Biofuels.

The EPA works for the American People to protect our Health and the Environment. Opening up the RFS does not help the Ameican People. Leave the RFS intact!


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