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Make Room for a Swimming Pool!

Can a sloping yard handle a swimming pool?

Create the space needed for a pool

Just because there’s not a level spot in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a swimming pool….it just requires a good design.  Take this project in Ramsey County, Mn as an example.  Note the difference in grade between the sliding glass doors at the house and the outer edge of the yard.  Big Slope!  But this boulder retaining wall, which is 4 1/2 feet high, creates a level space for the swimming pool.  And it’s not a small pool either.  This fiberglass pool (yes, you can have a fiberglass swimming pool in Minnesota) is 31′ long x 15′ wide x 4′ deep.  Plenty of room for splashing around any day of the summer!

One noteworthy aspect about this swimming pool is the concrete ‘deck-on-deck ‘ surrounding it.  This was done so that the automatic pool cover could be tucked away neatly.  No rolled up pool cover stuffed in some outdoor shed!

swimming pool with concrete deck

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