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17 boulder and stone retaining walls

Pictures of stone and boulder retaining walls

Thinking about building a boulder retaining wall in your yard, talk to the experts at Southview Design.

Natural stone retaining wall and steps

A stone wall doesn't have to mean round boulders. And note how the steps match the wall.

boulder retaining wall in Eden Prairie MN

The stone steps through the boulder retaining wall allows access to the lower part of the yard and the lake.

boulder retaining wall and stone steps

Natural stone steps tie in with the glacial boulder retaining wall and the dry creek bed - completing the design. Try to imagine this picture without the steps.

stone retaining wall in minnesota

Angular boulders, artfully installed and enhanced by flowers and shrubs, create a focal point in this landsdcape.

Boulder wall and swimming pool in Edina

This large boulder retaining wall is necessary to create a level area in this yard for a swimming pool. Without it, no swimming pool.

Rock retaining wall in minnesota

A smaller boulder wall creates two nearly level areas in the front yard instead of one large expanse of grass. Note how the color in the boulders complements the color of the brick on the house.

Minneapolis stone wall

Formal or informal - plants will soften the most angular stone walls.

Boulder walls and terraces

Without the plants and trees, you can see the "bare-bones" of the boulder retaining walls. Once planted, the fence disappears, and the backyard and woods blend together to create a private nature conservancy - complete with waterfalls and a stream.

Rock retaining wall pond

Taking advantage of a sloped backyard, the stream seems to come right out of the woods. The entire area has filled in with plants and flowers, in the last few years, to create a seamless panorama of nature.

Rock retaining wall in minnesota

Not just for the backyard, boulder walls and stone steps anchor the front entry of this home.

Minneapolis boulder wall

Providing support for the driveway, this boulder wall does the job in an informal way. Care should be taken to preserve the trees.

Rock wall and steps in minnesota

Boulder walls and stone steps can make the transitional space between the upper and lower yards easy to move through.

Rock wall construction

"Go Big or Go Home". Larger boulders for taller retaining walls are needed for strength and stability.

Engineered boulder wall

Note the size of the boulders at the base of this boulder retaining wall.

Terraced rock wall garden

Look at the slope between the front door and the side yard! Planting was out of the question. Tiered retaining walls are one way to take care of that issue. These homeowners chose glacial boulders.

Retaining wall construction

With the proper equipment and expertise in installation, you can be sure boulder walls and steps will last a lifetime.

Minnesota boulder wall

Using 'Superior Trap' boulders in these walls helped to create this lakeside "beach". Just one of the larger boulders weighs in at 1500 lbs! It has the feel of a private resort, doesn't it?

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