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KARE11 Backyard Project – Southview Starts

Team: BATC, KARE11, and Southview Design

Saturday, May 31st – After a week of deconstruction and debris removal by Better Futures and All Metro Excavating, the electricians and plumbers had their turn putting in lines for the new Backyard.  The concrete landing, walkway, and steps just outside the studio door the meteorologists and guests use will be heated during the winter.  Those lines went in and the concrete finished on Friday, May 30th.

Plumbing, irrigation and electrical - buried.

Lines under the concrete for heat


Concrete Steps, Landing and Walkway done!

Taking advantage of the great weather on Saturday, two of Southview’s employees – Paco and Zach – started working in the KARE11 Backyard.  They will spend a little time clearing the rest of the debris and then start work on the boulder walls on Wednesday, June 4th.

Time to get the equipment to KARE11's Backyard!

Time to get the equipment to KARE11’s Backyard!

That post has to come down!

Backyard is almost unrecognizable!

Natural Stone going into the Backyard


If the weather holds and we can keep on schedule – or as close as possible, the Backyard should look different this time next week – at which time, the water feature installation should begin.  You can tune in to the progress at

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