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Paver driveway basketball court

H - O - R - S - E

These homeowners needed a driveway and the kids needed a basketball court. A very sports-minded family, they insisted that it should be a high-school-regulation court…and here’s something you don’t see every day… it’s done in pavers. Everything from the lanes, top of the key and height of the baskets – all of it – regulation. And it’s not easy putting in the curves for the three-pointers! It required a little extra time for our paver crew but these lines won’t fade.

basketball count paver driveway
You might not think so but this paver surface is very friendly for basketball and looks so much better than the standard concrete or asphalt with painted lines. The boys are out early every day on the court putting it to good use before winter arrives.

One or two of the homeowners’ children are younger and not quite ready for the high school court but they will grow into it. In the meantime, the baskets can be lowered until they are ready for the big time.

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