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Backyard Swimming Pond

A Unique Resort-like Experience

minnesota swimming pond

My homeowners were initially thinking about putting a swimming pool in their back yard.   But after spending some time with them, it was easy to see what they wanted was something unique.  When told about their options, they knew immediately that a swimming pond – with gold fish! – was the way to go.  There is a waterfall and stream that appears to come from the wooded area behind the house and flows into the pond….so the sound of water is close by.  About four feet deep in the middle…it’s perfect for splashing around and cooling off.  If you sit on the steps with your feet in the water, the goldfish are very friendly and will come to nibble on your toes.

swimming pond stream

Whimsical details: a bear fishing for dinner; a tiny bridge.

The homeowners added a few small features of their own to the delight of their grandchildren.  Playful garden statuaries are hidden amongst the flowers and trees. 

Water and shade-loving plants create that up-north feeling.

It has taken a couple of growing seasons but the plant material is filling in beautifully…making it seem like the waterfalls, stream, and pond have been there forever.  My heart rate drops just looking at these pictures!

swimming pond waterfalls

A trio of waterfalls cascade into the pond.

And the pond is just off the dining patio…so the family can enjoy having breakfast, lunch and dinner right beside their own personal lake.  Aaahh….relaxing, serene…paradise.

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