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We Should be Watering

Plants, Trees, and Lawns

Here in Minnesota, we are in a moderate drought.  After winter, most people hope for the blue sky, sunny days during the spring.  But at this point, we should be hoping for some rain….a gentle, soaking rain.  The kind that lasts the whole day, maybe two or three days.


Until the rains come, here are a few tips on watering:

  • Don’t follow any rules, follow the plant’s condition.
  • The best way to judge the water needs of a plant is to know the type of plants you have.  Some are drought tolerant, require less water and can dry out before the next watering.  Others require a consistently moist soil.
  • Next, what is the soil type?  Sandy soils dry out quickly. Clay soils retain water longer.
  • Are the plants on a slope?  Slopes will drain quickly.
  • If a plant begins to wilt, it is a sign of too much or too little water.
  • Water should be applied slowly.  For almost all plants, a deep, thorough soaking followed by enough time for the soil to dry out slightly is ideal.
  • Whenever possible, plants should be watered early in the day.
  • One should try to conserve or minimize the need for watering by mulching.  Mulch will slow down evaporation, inhibit weeds, and encourage good root growth.

Need a little help caring for your plants?  Take a look at our care guides at Southview Design Care Guide.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 651-203-3000.

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