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The Heat is On….Tips to Conserve Water

Swimming Pool covers can conserve water!

Water early in the day

     Many places in the Twin Cities have already established the odd/even policy for irrigation with one exception – new turf.  It is just common sense to conserve water.  The demand is high for water during hot, dry periods and you can do your part to help the city water systems maintain safe operating levels in water towers and reservoirs…besides, watering wisely can also save you money.

  • Avoid watering between noon and 5pm.  It is best to water early in the morning, before 10am.  Afternoon watering can waste up to 30% of the irrigation water due to evaporation…and evening watering can cause turfgrass diseases.
  • Rule of thumb for lawns:  1 to 1.5 inches of water per week – including rainfall.  Keep intervals between watering as long as possible to encourage deeper root growth which can lead to a healthier lawn.
  • Leave grass longer during hot weather…say 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

S-o-o many different rain barrels available.

  • Place rain barrels beneath your downspouts.  The rainwater can be used for outdoor flowers, shrubs and trees..or even to wash your car!
  • Do you have a swimming pool?  Use a cover.  You can cut the water loss due to evaporation by 90%!

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