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Spring List of Chores – What to do Now

And, more importantly, what NOT to do

Fall-planted bulbs are already pushing up through the mulch, golf courses are opening and the temperatures have been well above normal.

golf course opening

With spring threatening to come early, Minnesotans are ready, even anxious, to tackle yard chores. But wait! “It’s too early to do much of anything in the yard”, says Isaac Loynachan, one of Southview’s Garden Managers.  If you absolutely feel the need to work in the yard, here are a few things you can do:


Clean/wash outdoor furniture; clean the grill.

cleaning the grill

“If it’s brown, cut it down”. Grasses and other perennials should be cut back, opening the crowns to the sun’s warmth and early spring rains.

brown grasses


Prune shrubs but no more than 1/3 of the growth.

However, there are certain tasks that should wait until the threat of snow and cold has passed and temperatures are consistently warm – like the end of April.  Annual flowers and container gardens should wait until the threat of frost has passed and that is usually mid-May.  So, here’s what not to do:

  • Do not rake. You will do more damage to the grass than good.  Wait until the ground has thawed completely and is dry.


  • Do not mow. Leave the mower in the shed until May.

lawn mowing

  • Do not water. Even if your irrigation has been turned on, watering the lawn should wait until late May, unless we have abnormally dry conditions and high temperatures.


There will be plenty of time to get the spring chores done.  Temperatures in the 60s and 70s this time of year is like “found” money.

outdoor thermometer

Just enjoy the guilt-free time spent walking around the lake or riding your bike along the trails.

lake walks

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