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One of My Fall Favorites…..

Adds wonderful color late in the season.

Quick Fire Hydrangea Fall Color

I saw this shrub in the landscape recently in all of its glorious fall color and thought “Wow! This is gorgeous!”  ‘Quick-Fire’ Hydrangea is a great addition to the Fall garden…and one of the things I like about is that it can tolerate hard-pruning.  This means for all of you are afraid to cut back your shrubs…this one is almost foolproof.   In fact, they tell me that if you cut it back (in late fall or early spring- it blooms on new wood) by one-third to one-half, it will produce larger flowers.  Talk about your win-win!  The conical flowers start out white and turn the pinkish-red color you see in the picture.  So the flower color is not determined by the soil pH as some other hydrangeas are.  And the bloom time runs from July to September…maybe even October like this year.  It adapts to different soil types so it’s worth giving it a try.  It makes a nice shrub border, good screen hedge, and has beautiful cut flowers.  Sort of a no muss-no fuss hydrangea.

So do you have a favorite Fall plant?  Tell us what it is!

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