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Are You a Lilac-Lover?

How to enjoy the scent of lilacs longer.

Hard to believe but I have encountered people who don’t like the scent of lilacs.  I am not one of those people.  That aside, you have to admire the beauty and durability of a lilac hedge whether it’s along the highway or across the back of the yard.  The lilac in my yard comes all the way from Roseau in 1963, transplanted by the former homeowner.

'Mount Baker' Lilac

Lilacs come in different sizes, colors and – here’s a little known fact – different bloom times.  Lilacs can bloom as early as late April or as late as mid-June.  That’s right…by choosing a variety of lilacs, you can have the scent of lilacs in your yard for more than just two weeks in May!  The ‘Mount Baker’ Lilac blooms in late April and the ‘Donald Wyman’ Lilac blooms in June.

'Don Wyman' Lilac

But right plant – right place.  Be careful of the eventual size of the lilacs.  Some can get to 15′ wide x 15′ tall.  There is one that is just right for small yards.  The ‘Prairie Petite’ Lilac is 3′ x 3′ when full grown.  A very cute, dense little shrub, it takes nearly 25 years for it to be full-grown!  This is one lilac you will never have to prune!  But no matter when your lilacs bloom, remember…you only have a two week window of opportunity after the blooms fade to prune and shape.  After that, you will be cutting off next year’s blooms.

'Prairie Petite' Lilac - a true dwarf

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