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How Did a Romanian Student End Up at Southview Design?

Written by Andreea Stoica, Intern

Southview Design is proud to have a wonderful group of interns this year.  Andreea Stoica is from Romania and has been shadowing me this week.  As we traveled across the Twin Cities metro area, she remarked on how similar and yet different Minnesota is to Romania.  I thought it would be interesting to hear those comparisons.  Here is her story:

“People have asked: “What? You’re from where?” and “How did you get to Minnesota?”

That’s me in the middle!

Well, dear readers, my desire to “do something great with my life” lead me here.  I initially chose to major in Psychology.   School was interrupted when I volunteered as a missionary for a year and a half to serve the people of England through the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That experience made me rethink my career choices.  I started thinking of things I enjoy and chose landscape management.  Why such a drastic change from psychology to landscape management? I started thinking of things I enjoy.  As a child, I loved to work in my grandma’s garden every summer and, during my travels, I enjoyed beautiful landscapes.  After searching for a school with a wholesome environment and a top-notch Landscape Management program, I chose Brigham Young University in Utah.

Romania is a beautiful country in the Eastern Europe.  Minnesota and Romania are similar in size but Romania has a much larger population (19 million to Minnesota’s 5 million). The cities back home are different than the ones here. There are more apartments and blocks; more grey buildings and not as much green spaces as here in Minnesota.

Lake Calhoun, bike path

Romania Streetscape

Botanical Garden, Iasi

Backyard Minnesota Garden

The plants of Romania are very similar to those in Minnesota. I love the forests here in Minnesota.  They remind me of the ones of my childhood in Romania. There are no mountains or sea here as there are back home, but there are lakes and rivers, many more lakes.

Romania Landscape

Minnesota Fall Colors Reflected in the Lake

Romanian Mountains and Lake

Mississippi River, Minnesota

One obvious difference between Romania and Minnesota is the history. There is so much history in Romania that you can even see it in many of the buildings which are hundreds of years old.

Southview project


I think Minnesotans would love to explore the castles and monasteries in some parts of Romania. History as old as the BC years is worth looking into. So, you are all invited to visit my home country, Romania. It will definitely enlarge your perspective on the beauty of life. Romanians, please welcome my Minnesota friends!

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