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Southview Design’s Projects on Garden Conservancy Tour

Public Invited to Tour Two Very Different Projects

Southview Design's Projects on Garden Conservancy Tour

Talk with the Experts!  Do you have questions about Koi Ponds, Perennial Gardens, Large Tree Care?  Or maybe you are interested in energy-efficiency, net zero homes, and sustainable landscaping.  Now is your chance to get the answers! Where and When:  On Saturday, July 29th, the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program invites the public to visit […]

Beneficial Predators for a Healthy Garden

Written by Emily Morton

Beneficial Predators for a Healthy Garden

If pests have been getting the better of your garden this growing season, there may be a handy alternative to harsh chemical treatments.  Do you have pests in your garden? Biological pest control may be the most sustainable decision as well as the most long-term solution for managing pests. Bioagents, as they are more formally […]

How Did a Romanian Student End Up at Southview Design?

Written by Andreea Stoica, Intern

How Did a Romanian Student End Up at Southview Design?

Southview Design is proud to have a wonderful group of interns this year.  Andreea Stoica is from Romania and has been shadowing me this week.  As we traveled across the Twin Cities metro area, she remarked on how similar and yet different Minnesota is to Romania.  I thought it would be interesting to hear those […]

Show Your Love for Pollinators This Growing Season

Written by Sarah Kickert and Photography by Teresa Kickert

Show Your Love for Pollinators This Growing Season

  Many often wonder why pollinators are important in their garden. Pollinators are important because they are vital in the reproduction of flowering plants and the fruits and vegetables. So if you want large blooms, seeds, fruits, and vegetables in your garden, make it a pollinator friendly garden! For more information on Minnesota Native Bees […]

Outdoor Living Under the Deck

Don't Waste the Space!

Outdoor Living Under the Deck

When dreaming of outdoor living spaces you would like to see in your back yard, why not take advantage of the most overlooked space? Under the deck. The majority of homeowners think it’s good for nothing more than storing yard/garden tools, children’s toys, or overwintering patio furniture. If there is enough headroom, why not create […]

Spring List of Chores – What to do Now

And, more importantly, what NOT to do

Spring List of Chores - What to do Now

Fall-planted bulbs are already pushing up through the mulch, golf courses are opening and the temperatures have been well above normal. With spring threatening to come early, Minnesotans are ready, even anxious, to tackle yard chores. But wait! “It’s too early to do much of anything in the yard”, says Isaac Loynachan, one of Southview’s […]

Fall Gardening Tips

Plus What You Should Do to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Fall Gardening Tips

The beauty and bounty that is Fall.  There is plenty of color left but there are a few chores to be completed before the cold and snow of winter sets in.  Southview Design Landscape Architect, Tom Kerby, shares what he does every year in his garden in an article for Lavender Magazine. Take a moment […]

Backyard Games: How About a Game of Chess?

Or Maybe Checkers??

Backyard Games:  How About a Game of Chess?

Did you think backyard games meant the standard basketball or football?  What if you were looking for games anyone could play at any age?  How about chess or checkers?  That’s just what a Woodbury, Mn family was hoping for.  With six grandsons (between the ages of 7 to 17) and all of them interested in […]

Time Just Flew By…in the KARE 11 Backyard

How Does It Look Today?

Time Just Flew the KARE 11 Backyard

Hard to believe it’s been a year since the landscape renovation of the KARE 11 Backyard was completed and the reveal was broadcast on the evening news.  In recognition of the 1-year anniversary of the Backyard, KARE 11 put together a video – a fast-forward look through the seasons in the backyard: The First Year in […]

We Should be Watering

Plants, Trees, and Lawns

We Should be Watering

Here in Minnesota, we are in a moderate drought.  After winter, most people hope for the blue sky, sunny days during the spring.  But at this point, we should be hoping for some rain….a gentle, soaking rain.  The kind that lasts the whole day, maybe two or three days. Until the rains come, here are […]

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